PTA Election Results & Retiring Teachers

PTA Election Results- 
Congratulations to the Newly Elected PTA Board!


The election results are in. Please give a warm welcome to the members of the PTA Executive Board  for the 2018-2019 school year. Congratulations! Thank you for your service!
Co- Presidents:
Agnes Zakrzewska
Nicki Reidy
Recording Secretary:
Danielle Block
Michelle Puissant

Assistant Treasurer:
Martha O’Day
Communications VP:
Anthony McCormick
Co- Fundraisers:
Deborah Lo Casio
Tracy Newirth
VP Facilities:
David Porter

Assistant Facilities:
Timothy Nelson
Corresponding Secretary:
Velma Solomon 

VP participation
Emily Little


Retiring Teachers

Congratulations on Your Retirement!
We are wishing a fond farewell to Ms. Crews, Mr. Monserrate and Mr. Vega, all of whom are retiring after many years of service!  
Also leaving us is Ms. Maurer, who is moving out of the area. 
Thank you to all of these wonderful teachers!  We will miss you and we wish you the very best on your new endeavors!