Class Supply Lists

Below are links to the 2018-19 Class Supply Lists. If you don’t see your teacher’s list, you will receive it in September.  Please contact  Ms. Santana in the Main Office with questions at 212-678-2854 ext. 1153.

Class K-102 Ayzenberg

Class K-103 Shapiro

Class K-106 Rosado

Class K-109 Rood & Rotich

Class 1-104 Soto

Class 1-111 Santana

Class 1-206 Martinez

Class 1-222 Buonanno & Fucigna

Class 2-202 Constantinides & Fosina

Class 2-205 Peppenelli

Class 2-215 Bautista

Class 2-222 Castro

Class 3-204 Schmieder

Class 3-207 Suliveres & Kaufman

Class 3-311 Alfaro

Class 3-322 Wing & Walworth

Class 4-304 Hassler

Class 4-306 Roussel

Class 4-318 Nordahl

Class 4-320 Cool & Scott

Class 5-302 Dillon

Class 5-309 Goodwin

Class 5-313 Gutierrez

Class 5-315 Doughty

Class (Art) Kim


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