PS 163 Earth Day: Volunteers required!

The PS 163 Dr. Pepe Reading Garden has been contacted about coordinating an event for Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd.

The leader is Jennifer Nitzky, a landscape architect and neighborhood resident who is President of the New York Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA-NY); she also volunteers with the Friends of Stryker Park.

Jennifer would like to coordinate her April 22 Earth Day “Be a Landscape Architect for a Day” event:

*Along with Friends of Stryker Park, Jennifer would like to have this event bring attention to greening efforts of the entire streetscape, including our school (which she sees as the highlight of the greening!) and to generate ideas for new greening elements along 97th Street. 

*Jennifer can provide a brief intro to pollinator plants and the importance of increasing green in our urban environment. 

*Her colleague who is a landscape architect and instructor at Rutgers University, will join us to lead sketching techniques. 

*Her group would like to plant some of the existing tree beds along the sidewalk and / or plant areas at the school.

Her group is working on getting plants donated from Urban Garden Center and Plant Shed and have a complete school pollinator tool kit from the Pollinator Partnership, complete with lesson plans (they can leave extras or lessons we don’t use for the school).

Volunteers Required!

They’d like at least 10 students / family members to join us. They can supply garden gloves for all and have some tools and have sketchbooks to give to students. Jennifer will have at least 5 landscape architects to volunteer to lead discussions and assist with planting and we have 4 people from Friends of Stryker Park as well. 

 To volunteer, please contact Heidi Moore at

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