Annual Science fair, 2017

Annual Science fair PS 163 is on April 7th, 2017. The finalists will be representing PS 163 at district science expo on April 22nd, 2017. The projects are due to science teachers by April 3rd, 2017.


Science Expo Student Project Guide: This is just a guide !!!

The requirements from the District office are as follows:

Projects must: 

  • Be displayed on tri-fold boards and follow the grade specific rubric guidelines which are attached. 
  • Be an observational study, experimental investigation or engineering design project. 
  • NOT be dependent on electricity. There will be no electricity available for laptops or other AV equipment. 

Following will not be permitted due to safety concerns: 

  •     living, dead or preserved (plants or animals)  
  •     No fungi or bacteria 
  •     No projects which involve the injury or death of vertebrate animals will be accepted 
  •     No fresh or preserved human or vertebrate animal tissue may be displayed 

Student expo presenters and visiting students should: 

  • Be chaperoned at all times by either parents or school personnel. 
  • Be prepared to talk confidently about their projects. 
  • Understand that our Expo is celebratory – all student presenters will receive recognition!

Download Elementary Science Expo Display

Reminder: This is NOT mandatory! However, we have to send only ONE project per grade to the expo.

Any questions please feel free to contact our Science teachers and Havo Velic our Parent Coordinator-






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