Spring Fair 2018

Spring fair is on May 19th

PS 163 Spring Fair
PS 163 Spring Fair is one month away on May 19th
The event is ONLY a success with these 3 things from parents:
  1. Each Class has a booth: Please get together with Class Parents and come up with a booth for the day and someone to run it. We have some fun ones if you want to reach out to me. Please tell me as soon as possible what the booth will be and class Name and Teach name (ex. 5-302 – Dillon). See examples below.
  2. People Donate Time: We need volunteers to run things other than the Class Booths. Mostly the day of the event but there is plenty of copying, poster hanging, picking things up, etc. leading up to the day.. The Volunteer list will be posted soon but let me know if there is something specific you want to do.
  3. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD: the event is the most fun when there is food so please consider donating a dish. Chicken and Rice, Pasta, Gumbo, anything that can be served.  
    Join us at the Cafe 163 on Friday morning, April 13, to learn more about what is needed for spring fair and how you can help!

I want to Volunteer!

Note: Josh, our spring fair coordinator, will be graduating out of the school this year. Please get involved and help us continue this 163 tradition!”  (Contact Josh at ehrlichj@ehrlichtech.com)