Below are links for some of the 2017-18 Class Supply Lists. Not all teachers have sent their lists so if you don’t see your teacher’s list, you will receive it in September.  Please contact  Havo Velic in the Main Office with questions at 212-678-2854 ext. 1153.

Class K-102 Ms Ayzenberg

Class K-103 Ms. Shapiro

Class 1-104 Ms. Crews

Class 1-111 Ms. Santana

Class 1-206 Ms. Martinez

Class 2-202  Ms. Constantinides

Class 2-205  Ms. Peppenelli and Mr. Goodwin

Class 2-220 Mrs. Castro

Class 3-322 Ms. Wing

Class 4-304  Ms. Hassler

Class 4-306 Ms. Roussel

Class 4-320 Ms. Cool

Class 5-302  Ms. Dillon

Class 5-313 Ms. Gutierrez