Thanks to all Dia Volunteers (Dia Picture Gallery)!

capture3Thanks to all Dia Volunteers!
Thank you so much for volunteering to help with the Annual Dia de los Muertos Celebration, 2017!
We had the best food sponsors, gracious donors, great decoration, crafty parents and kids, humble hosts, awesome graphic design and advertising and the best event organizing and planning committee, and last but not the least an amazing participation.
Thanks to all the kids and parents who took so much time in dressing up and showing up for the event and making it a grand success.

Your time and assistance is essential. Our school and the PTA Committee is extremely grateful for all your help!


Agnes Zakrzewska
Anjeze Pelini
Anthony McCormick
Antigone Michaelides
Brittney lemons
Craig Jomenez
Danielle block
Danielle Mekhail
David porter
Emily Little
Erica Brody
Julie Koontz
Nicki Reidy
Paola Ricci
Rachel Levine
Robert Davis
Sandor Weiner
Shanghel Maigha
Stefania P. Clegg
Tracy Newirth
Yael Kliper

Huge thanks to all of our parents that volunteered and attended tonight’s Dia!

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Some Pictures: