Yahoo Group


PS 163 has an internet community set up on Yahoo Groups, enabling all who join to receive email announcements and send messages to other parents around the school.

To join this great resource, go to Yahoo! Groups and follow the simple prompts. If you are having trouble joining directly, e-mail and ask to be “invited.” Once you receive an e-mail invitation, you just hit reply and you will automatically become a member of the group.

Once you join, make sure to select ‘Edit your Membership’ on the top right side of the screen to choose how you receive messages from the site. You can choose to receive individual e-mails or a daily digest, which combines the day’s e-mails into a single message. You can also choose not to receive any email at all and just go to the site to read posted messages. If you choose this option, you can also elect to receive messages marked urgent so you don’t miss anything important. Your e-mail address remains anonymous – any correspondence you receive will be addressed to

If you wish to send a message to the whole school (all registered members of the group), send it to Your message will be automatically forwarded to the Group Monitor for posting. All “official” PS163 announcements will be approved by our principal, Mr. Lopez.

Note: There is a special group set up for PTA Executive Board and SLT members. If you have a question or concern about something at school, you can e-mail