Arrival & Dismissal

All students may participate in the Department of Education’s free breakfast program. Students eating school breakfast enter through the Main Entrance beginning at 7:30 a.m.

The school day begins at 8:20 AM. Students being dropped off should go to areas designated below by grade. Note that in the case of inclement weather, drop off location may change.

GradeRegular Drop Off LocationDrop Off During Inclement Weather
Pre-KDriveway PlaygroundClassroom (Exit 8 at end of driveway)
KindergartenDriveway PlaygroundClassroom (Exit 8 at end of driveway)
1st GradeCafeteriaCafeteria
2nd GradeSchoolyardAuditorium
3rd GradeSchoolyardAuditorium
4th GradeSchoolyardGymnasium
5th GradeSchoolyardGymnasium

School Bus Arrival
Students who arrive on the school bus are met by a school aide who escorts them into the school building.

Instruction begins as soon as the students arrive in the classroom. Please give your child the opportunity to make an unhurried transition into a very busy school day by bringing them on time. All students who arrive after 8:20 will be considered late and must stop at the Main Office to ensure they are marked present. Keep in mind that lateness is a part of a student’s permanent record and is considered by middle schools when reviewing applications for admission.

Dismissal is at 2:40pm for full days and 11:40am for half days. Parents/care givers picking up students should go to areas designated in the table below for dismissal. Note that in the case of inclement weather and/or schoolyard closure, pick up location may change as indicated below.

GradeRegular Pickup LocationPickup During Inclement WeatherPickup if Schoolyard Closed
Pre-KDriveway PlaygroundClassroom (Exit 8 at end of driveway)Classroom
KindergartenDriveway PlaygroundClassroom (Exit 8 at end of driveway)Classroom
1st GradeSchoolyardGymnasiumGymnasium
2nd GradeSchoolyardGymnasiumGymnasium
3rd GradeSchoolyardSchoolyardSchool Driveway
4th GradeSchoolyardSchoolyardSchool Driveway
5th GradeSchoolyardSchoolyardSchool Driveway

School Bus Dismissal
Students who take the yellow school bus are escorted by their teacher to the auditorium where they will be met by a school aide. The school aide will ensure they get on the proper bus.

Dismissal to an Afterschool Program
Students are escorted by their teacher to the auditorium where they will be met by their afterschool program representatives. Parents/Guardians must keep informed of the afterschool schedule changes.

Changes in Dismissal Routines
Your child will only be dismissed to contacts listed on the emergency card. If there are changes to your child’s dismissal routine, you must send a note to the teacher with your child the morning of the change. For example, if you child regularly takes the bus but is being picked up that day, the teacher must have a note that is signed by the parent. If you wish your child to be picked up by another parent, you must also send that in writing. Last minute changes to your child’s dismissal routine are strongly discouraged as they require the office to interrupt instructional time to inform the teacher.

Early Dismissal
Please schedule dentist, doctor and other appointments for your child after school hours. However, if a student needs to leave school early, they must be signed out in the Main Office before 2:00 PM by an adult over 18 years old. This adult MUST be listed on the emergency card unless the teacher has been notified in writing by the parent. Parents/Guardians may not pick up directly from the classroom but must go to the Main Office where a staff member will call the classroom. Students will not be able to wait for early pick-up in the Main Office unless they have been sent there by the School Nurse. Students will stay in their classroom until the parent arrives. THERE WILL BE NO CLASSROOM INTERRUPTIONS AFTER 2:00 PM.

Late Pick-Up
Students must be picked up promptly at the end of the school day. We understand that emergencies do occur. Please call the Main Office if there is an emergency and you will be late. Parents/caregivers who arrive later than the designated pickup time must enter the building through the Main Entrance. Students who are not picked up on time will be signed in to the late room in the auditorium. Before leaving the building, the child must be signed out in the appropriate sign-out book. If it becomes very late and a child is not picked up, and no on one the emergency card can be reached, the 24th Precinct will be notified.