PS 163 Book Fair

Hiya folks,
As you enjoy a week off, perhaps celebrating holidays… It’s that time of year, prepping for our annual Library Book Fair!
This is our biggest event, only possible with volunteers like you. It’s when we can generate $2-3000 in extra funds to help maintain our library! Please sign up for different times and dates during the week, using this google sheet (best way for me to organize):
For those new or need a refresher of how the week works, and what we need of you:
Books arrive Friday, March 9th.

We spend all day setting up clever displays. Lunch provided.

Monday March 12, Tues March 13th and -Wednesday March 14th 

1st period: Classes come as normal, most Wednesday and Thursday classes get rescheduled to these days. Kids window shop and fill out WISH LISTS on books they’d like their parents to buy. They take the wish lists home. 

Need volunteers for the bumped Wednesday and Thursday classes during these days and helping run a packed 2 days.

Wednesday March 14th 3pm-6pm WE SELL BOOKS

Thursday March 15th  12-8pm WE SELL BOOKS

Friday March 16th we dismantle the fair and the company picks up books.
Library gets 25% of book sales. We will not offer the 10% discount this year (last year we did not advertise the discount but gave it anyway, so don’t anticipate shock). Proceeds go to library needs.
If you have kids- don’t worry, bring them if you wish and find a selling activity where you can watch them and help (for younger kids, Wednesday is the slower day, so better option for you. Also the set up day Friday March 9th). Older kids are welcome to help volunteer too!
Black Panther SIDE NOTE:
I ordered 2 copies of the junior novel of Black Panther, in case any kid is asking for it. Black Panther is more than “just a comic movie”. It’s a cultural phenomenon of pride, of kids seeing themselves in lead, powerful roles, richly drawn out fantasy rooted in African futurism without a history of colonialism, where writers and artists (like me) get yet another example of breaking the industry lie that movies/books won’t sell with people of color in lead roles. Here is a Washington Post Article on it: So now we have a literary addition to take advantage of the movie phenomenon, and capture kids into reading.