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PTA Executive Board


Elections for the 2020-21 PTA Executive Board and School Leadership Team (SLT) will be held on Thursday, October 29 at 6:30pm.  The PTA and SLT are vital to PS163 and it takes parents like you to shape our school’s vision and culture.  Get involved and serve as a partner in your child’s school experience.

Click below to fill out the nomination form for any of the positions you would like to be considered for.





The elections will be hosted via Zoom.  See the call-in information below.


Meeting ID: 835 7602 9332

Password: 680386

If you have any questions regarding the PTA or the SLT that you cannot find the answers to on this page, please contact two of our current PTA leaders via their email addresses below.



*See PTA and SLT position descriptions below


Haga clic aquí para ver las descripciones en español


President (up to 3 people can share position)

  • Preside at PTA general meetings and executive board meetings. Prepare meeting agendas

  • Provide leadership for the executive board and general membership. Delegate, coordinate, and monitor the work of the executive board officers and standing committees.

  • Serve as spokesperson for parents in discussions with Principal about parent concerns and school-wide initiatives. Serve as liaison to teachers and staff.

  • Encourage parent involvement and set the tone for maximum membership participation.

  • Represent PTA at monthly SLT, Safety Committee, and Dist. 3 Presidents’ Council meetings

  • Remain accountable to the executive board and general membership

  • Help oversee fundraising efforts.

  • Oversee and approve all school-event flyers.

  • Co-sign PTA checks

  • Assist with the June transfer of all PTA records to the incoming executive board.


Recording Secretary (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Record motions, votes, decisions, financial activity, reports, and discussions at all meetings.

  • Prepare minutes for distribution at each meeting.

  • Maintain all PTA records in a secure location on school premises.

  • Assist with the June transfer of records.


Treasurer (1 person)

  • Account for all income and expenses of the PTA.

  • Provide an accurate monthly treasurer’s report and distribute copies at all PTA meetings to inform the parent body of all fundraising activities and expenditures.

  • Pay bills and make reimbursements for PTA-related expenses.

  • Co-sign all PTA checks and make deposits into PTA bank account.

  • Submit an Interim Financial Report to the Principal before February.

  • Prepare a proposed budget for approval by the membership in the spring.

  • Transfer records to the incoming treasurer in June.

Assistant Treasurer (1 person)

  • Assist the Treasurer as needed


VP Communications (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Lead efforts to get news to parents via PTA newsletter. 

  • Maintain and update web site and web site calendar

  • Prepare PTA promotional materials such as flyers, banners


VP Fundraising (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Coordinate fund-raising events and annual appeal.


VP Facilities/Equipment (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Arrange for permits, supplies, and equipment for PTA events.

  • Work with custodial staff on PTA events.

  • Coordinate with Principal on school facilities/equipment needs to be funded by PTA


VP Participation/Membership (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Spearhead community-building among parents. 

  • Outreach to parents to volunteer. 

  • Help run events.


Corresponding Secretary (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Create and send out monthly PTA meeting announcements and flyers.

  • Create PTA correspondence such as thank you letters.


Delegate to Community Education Council for District 3 (1 person)

  • Attend CEC meetings and report back to the executive board.

SLT Positions: 2-year term  (up to 6 people)

The SLT - School Leadership Team - is a collaborative team of parents, teachers, and the principal that helps determine the school's overall educational vision and priorities/goals. Parent representatives' duties include: Attend monthly meetings. Participate in SLT committees. Communicate with parents about the SLT’s work. Bring concerns from the program (e.g., dual language, gen. ed., ICT, G&T) to SLT. Time commitment: At least 30 hours over the course of the year.


Parent Representatives:


Dual Language

General Education

Integrated Co-Teaching

Gifted & Talented

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