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At PS 163 we take pride in the environments we provide in each classroom. By encouraging dialogue and interaction, our students are able to discover each subject at a level they can understand while still being challenged to grow in their understanding and knowledge of each subject.Our school offers four different education tracks, each designed to give our students the best opportunity to learn and succeed during their time at our school and beyond. Below you will see the academic offerings at our school.

General Ed
General Ed classes are designed to challenge each student to accomplish goals created by the NYC Department of Education. In this track, the student will grow in their learning and understanding of the material and be prepared for the next grade level. 


Classrooms with Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) services include students with IEPs and students without IEPs. No more than 12 (or 40 percent) of the students in the class can have IEPs. There are two teachers—a general education teacher and a special education teacher. The teachers work together to adapt materials and modify instruction to make sure the entire class can participate.


Dual Language

Our Dual Language program features both English and Spanish. The model is to have an equally balanced class which means there will be full days taught in Spanish and then full days taught in English. The number of days per year will be equally split.  To apply for the Dual Language program please contact the main office to receive the application. Click here for more information about our Dual Language Program.


Gifted & Talented
Our Gifted & Talented (G&T) program is one way that we support the educational needs of our students. Our G&T program takes an enrichment approach and offers specialized instruction and learning opportunities to each student. We offer one Gifted and Talented class per grade. Beginning with the incoming kindergarten class for the fall 2021, there will not be a G&T class. 

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