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Student Life at PS 163

The student experience at PS 163 The Alfred E Smith School includes a diverse range of curricula, extracurricular activities, and opportunities to learn and grow. We offer many options for our students to choose from, making them directly involved in designing their own educational path. Get in touch to learn more about what it’s like to attend PS 163 The Alfred E Smith School.

Below are listed some of the enrichment programs that are available for PS 163 students.

Enrichment Programs


In 2014, P.S. 163 was chosen to be part of a pilot partnership with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, America’s pre-eminent film presentation organization. The Society’s CineKids program supports students’ visual literacy by bringing filmmaking into the classroom. At each grade level, children watch classics and new art-house films, then learn how to make films of their own, inspired by studied examples.

National Dance Institute

For more than a decade, National Dance Institute (NDI) has brought its intensive arts immersion programs to P.S. 163. In 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, students work with dynamic teachers, choreographers, and musicians in weekly sessions that culminate in energetic performances that most kids and parents agree are among the best parts of being at P.S. 163. NDI’s teaching artists create original pieces of choreography that are typically integrated into the curriculum. Dance styles range from American roots to the music and movement of Africa, Mexico, and China. Students who love dance and students who have never danced before both find inspiration and a deeper appreciation for dance. Students learn how important discipline, effort, focus, and teamwork are in achieving excellence in performance – and they have a terrific time doing it.

Young Audiences New York

Young Audiences New York (YANY) has partnered with P.S. 163 to design a customized blend of residencies, performances, and family activities that best meet the needs of our school community. Our students in K through 2nd grade benefit from in-class residencies that include weekly 45-minute workshops sessions and a culminating event to showcase student’s art. Residency programs are skills-based, integrate with the curriculum, and are aimed at a host of disciplines, including dance, music, theater and storytelling, visual and literary arts and digital media creation.

In-Class Chess

NYChessKids runs in-class as well as after-school chess instruction at PS 163. The Chess Program is designed to introduce every child at PS 163 to the game of chess, a game that improves a child’s ability to solve problems and helps improve concentration. Because chess is offered in every grade K-5, children build on the skills and strategies they have learned over the years.