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Meetings & Information

2023-24 PTA ZOOM Meeting Link:

This Zoom will be open for in-person PTA meetings, as well, if you cannot attend them in-person:

2023-2024 PTA Meeting Schedule and Minutes:

  • Thursday, September 28 @8:45am IN-PERSON

    • minutes

  • Thursday, October 19 @6:00pm ON ZOOM

  • Thursday, November 16 @8:45am IN-PERSON

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, December 14 @6:00pm ON ZOOM

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, January 18 @8:45am IN-PERSON

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, February 15 @6:00pm ON ZOOM

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, March 21 @8:45am IN-PERSON

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, April 18 @6:00pm ON ZOOM

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, May 16 @8:45am IN-PERSON

    • ​minutes

  • Thursday, June 20 @6:00pm ON ZOOM

    • ​minutes

*All parents of PS 163 students are welcome to attend the PTA and SLT meetings. The PTA Zoom meeting info is listed above. 


2023-24 SLT ZOOM Meeting Link*:

*SLT meetings are open to the public and are currently being conducted via ZOOM as per the Open Meetings Law waiver.

Past DOE Meeting Recordings:

Click Here

*Click here to go to the DOE Website for and official notices updates

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