Dual Language

Dual Language

Renowned as one of the very best in Manhattan, the Dual Language Spanish Program at PS 163 immerses children in two languages starting in Kindergarten, with languages alternating between days. Classes are balanced between English-dominant, Spanish-dominant, and bilingual children, which enables them to learn not only from their teachers but from each other as well. The updated curriculum now aligns with the Common Core, so that children are equally or better prepared for their standardized exams. Upon completion of the program, students are not only bilingual but also bi-literate, with a rich understanding of Latin culture and heritage.


As shown consistently in numerous academic and psychological studies, the benefits of multilingualism are extensive, including:


● Higher standardized test scores, superior reading and writing skills

● Long-term cognitive benefits including better analytical and social skills, and protective effects against dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

● A deep appreciation for other cultures and an innate acceptance of cultural differences.


For more information on the Dual Language Program at PS 163, email duallanguage@ps163pa.org or contact our Parent Coordinator by calling 212-678-2854 ext. 4.