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PTA Executive Board
& SLT Representatives

The PTA Executive Board and SLT Representatives are elected groups of parents. See each of the roles and representatives below for the 2023-24 year.


Agnes Zakrzewska & Mindy Mitropoulos


Co-Recording Secretaries

Andrena Andrews & Ashley Moore



Alissa Schaible


Assistant Treasurer

Richard Kwon


Co-VPs of Communications

Rachel Connors Phillippe & Sophie Holland


VP of Fundraising

Roxanne Mootreddy 


Co-VPs of Facilities/Equipment

Erin Herzog & Sarah Horne


VP of Community Engagement

Johanna McLaughlin


Corresponding Secretary

Aviva Grasso


Delegate to Community Education Council for District 3

Rachel Fisher


SLT Parent Representatives 

Ellen Bunker-Lopez

Erika Cagney

Glenn Grasso

Mindy Mitropoulos

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President (up to 3 people can share position)

  • Preside at PTA general meetings and executive board meetings. Prepare meeting agendas

  • Provide leadership for the executive board and general membership. Delegate, coordinate, and monitor the work of the executive board officers and standing committees.

  • Serve as spokesperson for parents in discussions with Principal about parent concerns and school-wide initiatives. Serve as liaison to teachers and staff.

  • Encourage parent involvement and set the tone for maximum membership participation.

  • Represent PTA at monthly SLT, Safety Committee, and Dist. 3 Presidents’ Council meetings

  • Remain accountable to the executive board and general membership

  • Help oversee fundraising efforts.

  • Oversee and approve all school-event flyers.

  • Co-sign PTA checks

  • Assist with the June transfer of all PTA records to the incoming executive board.


Recording Secretary (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Record motions, votes, decisions, financial activity, reports, and discussions at all meetings.

  • Prepare minutes for distribution at each meeting.

  • Maintain all PTA records in a secure location on school premises.

  • Assist with the June transfer of records.


Treasurer (1 person)

  • Account for all income and expenses of the PTA.

  • Provide an accurate monthly treasurer’s report and distribute copies at all PTA meetings to inform the parent body of all fundraising activities and expenditures.

  • Pay bills and make reimbursements for PTA-related expenses.

  • Co-sign all PTA checks and make deposits into PTA bank account.

  • Submit an Interim Financial Report to the Principal before February.

  • Prepare a proposed budget for approval by the membership in the spring.

  • Transfer records to the incoming treasurer in June.

Assistant Treasurer (1 person)

  • Assist the Treasurer as needed


VP Communications (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Lead efforts to get news to parents via PTA newsletter. 

  • Maintain and update web site and web site calendar

  • Prepare PTA promotional materials such as flyers, banners


VP Fundraising (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Coordinate fund-raising events and annual appeal.


VP Facilities/Equipment (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Arrange for permits, supplies, and equipment for PTA events.

  • Work with custodial staff on PTA events.

  • Coordinate with Principal on school facilities/equipment needs to be funded by PTA


VP Participation/Membership (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Spearhead community-building among parents. 

  • Outreach to parents to volunteer. 

  • Help run events.


Corresponding Secretary (up to 2 people can share position)

  • Create and send out monthly PTA meeting announcements and flyers.

  • Create PTA correspondence such as thank you letters.


Delegate to Community Education Council for District 3 (1 person)

  • Attend CEC meetings and report back to the executive board.

SLT Positions: 2-year term  (up to 5 people)

The SLT - School Leadership Team - is a collaborative team of parents, teachers, and the principal that helps determine the school's overall educational vision and priorities/goals. Parent representatives' duties include: Attend monthly meetings. Participate in SLT committees. Communicate with parents about the SLT’s work. Bring concerns from the program (e.g., dual language, gen. ed., ICT, G&T) to SLT. Time commitment: At least 30 hours over the course of the year.

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