Taskforce for a Safe School

Taskforce for a Safe School

Taskforce for a Safe School (TSFF) is a group of concerned PS163 parents advocating to protect students and staff in response to proposed construction adjacent to our school. To learn more or join the Committee, email PTA Co-President Nicki Reidy at Elizabeth.Reidy15@gmail.com.


Here is the latest:

“Good news for PS 163. The Appellate Division today issued a decision reversing Justice Lobis and finding that she and the Board of Standards Appeals committed legal error when they approved the JHL project from a zoning perspective. This means at a minimum that JHL will have to go back through the maze of zoning approval processes in order to build their tower as they originally sought to do. It’s a tremendous job by the tenants of Park West Village.

Obviously, what JHL does is still up in the air, but I would think after so many years, it would be difficult for them to put more time and resources into the project at 165 West 97th Street, but who knows. The good news is that at least for now, the construction is blocked.”

–  Rene Kathawala (Pro Bono Counsel)

Click here to read the official Decision